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Yes really. Everything.
A5 Dot Grid Journal - Moon and Stars
Lined Journal - A5 - Moon and Stars
A5 Dot Grid Journal - Butterfly
Lined Journal - A5 - Bee
Lined Journal - A5 - Hummingbird
Lined Journal - A5 - Butterfly

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A Simple System

The Power of 3 ® system is a simple continuous process of (1) Goal Setting, (2) Goal Execution and (3) Reflection & Migration.The aim is to focus your attention on three goals every three months. Each goal has three milestones and each milestone has three tasks. The tasks can then be integrated in your day-to-day activitiesFollowing this process will help you focus, integrate your goals into your busy schedule and reminds you to reflect on the importance of each goal at regular intervals.
Using the concept of instinctive pattern recognition, The Power of 3 ® goal planner organises your goals into groups of three.Why three?

The Rule of Three - inspired by Science

The rule of three is a well-known concept in a huge variety of fields. It refers to the use of the number 3 to split up, divide, organise and explain.
Your brain processes and remembers information that is delivered in threes much easier than anything else.
The Power of 3 Goal Planner implements this concept throughout the planner as fundamental building blocks as you plan your weeks, months, quarters and years.

Available in three colours (inspired by nature)

Forest Green
Sunshine Yellow

Video Walkthrough

Please take a look at this helpful video review to discover The Power of 3 methodology in more detail.
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