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Guest Post Guidelines for Yop & Tom

Yop & Tom Guest Post Writers Guidelines

How to Contribute to the Yop & Tom Blog.

We typically invite people directly to contribute guest posts, but if you wish to submit a pitch to us please follow below guidelines.

  • Guest posts must be 100% original, unique and created exclusively for Yop & Tom. This includes no copying from your own prior content. No plagiarism.
  • Please share your own experiences. Don't rely too heavily on other experts or influencers.
  • Don't pitch a product or service directly. Instead, share your expertise and insights.
  • Please disclose any relationships with people or companies mentioned in your posts.
  • Posts should be at least 1000 words.
  • Please provide a featured image optimised for social media sharing.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Write in short sentences and have short paragraphs.
  • Statistics should be recent and attributed with the original source.
  • If you link to other sources for evidence, please make sure they are credible and authoritative in their field.

Other SEO Guidelines

  • Headlines: You headline should be interesting or make people curious enough to click on it. It should also be optimised for search and social media. 
  • Slug: Should be the same as your URL
  • Images: PNG only please. Optimise your image file names to be descriptive. You must have the legal right to use the images for the article. No Memes and GIFs please. Please include at least one image, but preferably more than one.
  • Focus keyword: what keyword do you want to rank for and how does it relate to Yop & Tom? Keywords that are off-brand will be rejected.
  • Meta description: Write 1-2 short sentences which explains briefly what the post is about.
  • Excerpt: Please write an excerpt of approximately 20 words. If you wish this can be similar to the Meta Description.

Personal Bio

  • Send us an image of you and please name the image file with your full first and surname (eg. Adam-Smith.png)
  • Send us one or two sentences about yourself.
  • Add links to your personal Social Profiles:
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
  • Add your Company Details
    • Your company
    • Your position
    • Your company’s URL

To apply for a guest post, please contact us on contact@yopandtom.com with a subject title that contains the words: "Guest Post Pitch"

By sending us the article you agree that we can repost the content and the images in email, marketing and social media activity. We will credit where appropriate.

We look forward to working together with you.

The Yop & Tom editorial team.