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8 Bullet Journaling Fonts You Have to Try (For Every Level)

Whether you’re a total beginner or already an avid bullet journaler, finding the right bullet journaling fonts can feel like a huge mountain to climb! With so many different options out there, we’re spoilt for choice.

When you find the right fonts, your bullet journal becomes your own. Its aesthetics start to fit with your own personal style, turning it into a space that inspires you to create, ideate and share. Even if you aren’t exactly the greatest artist, creating a nice looking font is an easy way to improve your journal (without having to get to grips with custom illustrations!).

We all know just how much our physical environment can influence our mental health. And bullet journaling’s no different. Finding the right bullet journaling fonts can motivate you to journal more, and see even more positive results from your bullet journaling practice.

Bullet journaling fonts styles

Traditional journals tend to use one of three font types - serif, sans serif and cursive. These come pre-printed into your journal, leaving you with limited space to explore your own style.

Bullet journaling fonts are different. Their possibilities stretch far beyond the confines of pre-printed font styles, giving you the full creative freedom to discover your own bullet journaling style.

From modern minimal to bold cursive, we prefer to look at BuJo fonts through the lens of the aesthetic they create rather than the “category” they fall into. These are some of our favourites.

How to get started with BuJo fonts

If you’re new to BuJo fonts, it can feel a bit intimidating. Especially if you don’t think you’re the creative type.

(Spoiler: we’ve all got an inner creative, sometimes they’re just a little harder to find!)

Rest assured, there are a few simple steps you can take to make experimenting with new fonts that little bit easier.

Firstly, ensure that you’re using a dot grid journal. The dots should be evenly spaced, following a consistent pattern. This will help you ensure that your letters are spaced correctly, as you follow the grid structure on each page. You’re also going to want to check the thickness of the paper so that your thicker pens don’t bleed through (our dot grid journals have 160GSM as standard).

Next, find some fonts to use as inspiration pieces and keep them by your side for easy reference. If you can print them out, even better! You might even like to trace some of the trickier fonts for practice.

Finally, be sure to set aside some blank test pages in your bullet journal. These can act as your practice pages before you start using a new BuJo font in the main section of your journal. Because we all know how frustrating a pesky mistake can be!

Bullet journal title fonts

If you really want to make your title stand out, these bullet journal title fonts are for you.

They’re perfect for making your titles pop... emphasising key pages (like your goals for the month)... or simply adding some fun personality to your bullet journal (without too much time or effort).

The beauty of bullet journal title fonts is that you can opt to use your normal handwriting underneath. Your titles still look bold and creative, but you don’t have to spend quite so much time trying and testing different fonts.

#1 Faux Calligraphy

Faux calligraphy is one of the most popular bullet journal fonts. And for good reason. It gives you the aesthetic of calligraphy without the need to master the art of the practice.

Rather than writing in calligraphy, you write in a normal cursive font before going back to add the thick downward strokes that create the calligraphy style we all know and love so much.

We love how @junamy.bujo has used calligraphy as a title font here, capturing your attention from the moment your eyes land on the (stunning) page.

#2 Block letter fonts

If you’re new to BuJo fonts, you’ll love block letter fonts. Simply write your letters as empty blocks, using your bullet journal’s grid as a guide, before going back to colour in each block.

Remember, you don’t have to use the same colour throughout each word. Follow along with @whoopsitshannah and get creative with different paints to find your own BuJo font style.

#3 Banner fonts

Banner fonts were just made to be bullet journal titles! Simple and fun to create, a banner font is any font that’s presented in a banner style.

We love how @blossom_bujo has used different styles of banner fonts to add a fun flying feel to her habits trackers!

#4 Doodle fonts

If you’re already finding yourself doodling little illustrations, then a doodle font is the font for your bullet journal!

Try merging your doodles into your letters, or joining multiple doodles together to form the shape of a letter. It takes some time but as you can see from @ plinthced’s page, it’s more than worth it.

#5 3D fonts

If there’s one magic ingredient that’s bound to make your page stand out, it’s texture. And 3D fonts do just that.

Plus… they’re not quite as scary to create as you might think! You just need some attention to detail.

Simply write your word on the page, and then go back to add a shadow below. Voilà, you’ve got a brand new journaling font!

See how @journalsbysav has really made the word “personality” pop? That’s all thanks to the 3D font effect.

#6 Layered fonts

Layered fonts are taking over social media right now. And we’re here for it.

These colourful bullet journal fonts are perfect for your titles, as the background block font sets the scene for the (typically) darker cursive font that’s layered on top.

@inspiremypencilcase has created a beautiful soft feeling for her gratitude log, thanks to a fresh layered font. A great contrast to the banner font across the page!

Need a new journal for all your fonts?

Even more fonts for journaling

Sometimes, you’re looking for a more subtle bullet journaling font. That’s exactly what these fonts are for, with a more minimal style that’s bound to please you if you’re a fan of the modern aesthetic.

#7 Cursive fonts

If bold calligraphy feels a bit too much for you, you might find that a simple cursive font is a great alternative.

Best explored with a fineliner pen, a cursive font is ideal for breaking up your bullet journal spreads in a slightly more subtle way.

@bluemoonjournalshas filled their page with a cursive font, adding visual interest whilst keeping her bullet journal clear and easy to read.

See how those illustrations really catch your eye? That’s because the fonts accompanying them are clear and simple, they don’t distract you from the beautiful imagery!

#8 Modern minimal fonts

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Modern minimal fonts certainly prove that theory to be true.

These bullet journaling fonts are easy for beginners but shouldn’t be forgotten by those of you who are more advanced either. Their modern and minimal sans serif style makes them easy to read, whilst adding a fresh clean feeling to your spread.

@whoopsitshannah’s spread shows how great minimal fonts are at letting your illustrations take centre stage.Which bullet journaling font will you choose? Or will you mix and match, to create your own style?

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