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Take the Quiz: Which type of bullet journaler are you?

May 10, 2020 1 min read

People do bullet journals for lots of different reasons and they have many different styles too! We've broken down journalers into the following categories?

An Artist

How your journal looks is everything. You can happily take time creating the most perfect hand-drawn spreads. You are a creative person that enjoys the process of journaling.

A Minimalist

You love clean lines and white spaces, no colourful sketches or drawings. Your journal is a place to keep organised and structured. You like your journal to look nice but you won't spend hours creating.

A Tracker

You like to track everything in your journal whether it's exercise, sleep or hobbies. If it's not in your journal it didn't happen. If you set a goal you stick to it!

A Planner

You plan your life through your journal, whether that's To Do lists, work events, birthdays or your social life. You hate to miss an appointment and you like to make sure your life is in order.

A Mindful Journaler

You use journaling as a means to better your mental health, whether that's through organising your life or tracking meditation journaling offers that key format to help you feel in control.

 Want to find out which type of journaler you are? Take our simple step.