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Goal Planners

The Power of 3 is the paper planner that puts your potential into your own hands by making your goals meaningful, memorable and manageable. It’s time to design goals that matter to you and bring them to life week by week, with a system that actually works (science says so!).

Are you ready to unleash your potential?

We’ve all got that friend. You know, the one with the big dreams that always seems to be able to make them happen. They’re living their potential and doing it without dropping a bead of anxious sweat. We love that friend. But we’re a bit jealous of them too. How do they do it?

Using the concept of instinctive pattern recognition, The Power of 3 ® goal planner organises your goals into groups of three. Why three?

inspired by Science

The rule of three is a well-known concept in a huge variety of fields. It refers to the use of the number 3 to split up, divide, organise and explain. Your brain processes and remembers information that is delivered in threes much easier than anything else.

Power of 3 goal cycle diagram

A Simple System

The Power of 3 ® system is a simple continuous process of (1) Goal Setting, (2) Goal Execution and (3) Reflection & Migration.

The aim is to focus your attention on three goals every three months. Each goal has three milestones and each milestone has three tasks. The tasks can then be integrated in your day-to-day activities

Following this process will help you focus, integrate your goals into your busy schedule and reminds you to reflect on the importance of each goal at regular intervals.

Your brain processes and remembers information that is delivered in threes much easier than anything else

The Power of 3 ® Undated Goal Planner is available in three colours (inspired by nature):
Forest Green, Charcoal and Sunshine Yellow.

words from our community

"I spent hours looking for the right planner suitable for my needs and this is perfect! It has year view, monthly view and weekly one, so it allows you to plan ahead and, while planning, focusing on your goals. It's extremely useful also the presence of some space for reflections - what you can improve, what it did/did not go well, etc. At the end of the planner there is a blank section just for notes. It's totally what I wanted! And last but not least, the green leather is excellent.
Totally recommended!"

- Sylvia - 

"I’m enjoying this planner a lot for helping me stick to a good exercise routine in lockdown. Actually physically writing down and checking off my activities is motivating me to get them done. It’s just a way more cathartic practise than using a phone calendar or app. The yellow is a cute colour and I like how this planner offers motivation without being really cheesy about it."

- Sofi -

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