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Ultimate Guide Series - 2. The Benefits of Bullet Journals

August 30, 2020

This is the second chapter in our Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling. Enter your email address below to download the full guide. To go to chapter one then click here.





2. The Benefits of Bullet Journals

The Bullet Journal method, as created by Ryder Carroll has been shown to be an amazing tool to help in terms ofproductivity, creativity, and mental health. Modern life can be overwhelming with no shortage of distractions and things to do. The general philosophy of the technique is therefore toachieve more by focusing on less.

Bullet Journals give you an opportunity todisconnect from digital devices, that’s why it is important it is done on paper rather than using digital software. As part of the method,you remove non-essential tasks and just leave what is important.

If you can focus and be mindful of what is important to you, you will not only achieve more butfeel less overwhelmed whilst doing it. It can help you understand not only what you need to do but why, this helps form intentionality in your actions.

There are many stories of how Bullet Journaling has helped people toimprove their mental health, not only as a way to focus but also as a way to be conscious of what directly affects their mental wellbeing.

Read our blog post on the Hidden Benefits of Journaling.

Mood Trackers, for example, help you identify when you are feeling low or anxious. And daily, weekly and monthly logs can be used to note down what you have gratitude for. This could be something as small as the sun shining or having a chat with a friend or family member. By writing it down it helps to lodge it in your mind. Habit trackers help you maintain habits by giving you a place to visually see your achievements.

Yop and Tom Habit Tracker

Click hereto download our free Habit Tracker PDF

Through the process of Migration (see chapter 5), we are regularly reflecting on tasks and seeing what we want to migrate to the following day/week/month/year.Thesereflection cycles give us an opportunity to stand back and really identify what is important in our lives. More often than you might think, things which seemed important yesterday, and that were causing you stress, are less vital today.

It gives you the opportunity to be mindful about what is important and what we can let go of.

Has Bullet Journaling helped with your mental health? We would love to hear your story. Tag us on Instagramwith #yopandtom to share your spreads with us.

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