Stick to your Fitness Goals with our Free Weight Tracker Printable

February 01, 2020

Fitness and weight loss are amongst the most common goals that people set and they are often some of the hardest to keep in the long term. It's all about building those habits around diet and exercise, not just in the first month but into the rest of the year. How are you getting on?

If like us you can do with some encouragement to make sure you are on track then we have just the thing for you and your bullet journal.

We have created a free monthly PDF Weight Tracker printable, in our gorgeous Cactus theme, to help you stick to your goals, whether that's weight loss or weight gain. Simply fill in the form below to get the PDF emailed to you.

Yop and Tom Printable Weight Tracker



Once you have downloaded the free printable just print it out each month and fill in your weight each month to make sure you are hitting those goals! We left the Y axis blank so you can fill in your current and target weight whether you use the imperial or metric system. There's an example in the download.

Keep going with your goals!! You can do it!!


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