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July 14, 2023

Breaking Stereotypes: Why It's Time To Rewrite The Script

Yop & Tom

There’s a reason stereotypes are so hard to break. They’re so woven into society, so tucked away, that we hardly notice they’re there. Until… we begin to question“is this what I want, or is this what I’ve been told to want?”.

That’s when you know, it’s time to rewrite the script.

We’re here to help you do that. By shaking up expectations, challenging perceptions and helping you write your own script. So you can do life your way, with the paper tools you need by your side.

Creating a vision board in a journal


What is a stereotype?

There are so many different ways to define a stereotype. But ultimately, it’s a prescription from society. It’s society telling you that, because you meet certain criteria, you must think, do and act a certain way.

And we think that’s kinda… boring.


What types of stereotypes are there?


The big stereotypes

The big stereotypes are so tightly woven into the fabric of society, pulling at the string causes a whole herd of things to unravel.

These are the big gender stereotypes…

  • When you’re assertive at work, you’re argumentative
  • When you show your emotions, you’re weak
  • When you dream big, you’re being unrealistic
  • When you’re a mum, you can’t have a career
  • When you’re gay, you can’t have a family
  • When you focus on the detail, you’re a perfectionist
  • When you’re opinionated, you’re “bossy”
  • …the list goes on and on, what would you add?


The smaller stereotypes

Just because these stereotypes might seem smaller, doesn’t mean that they don’t still harm you and hold you back. The smaller stereotypes matter too (and they still need breaking).


They say, you’re a perfectionist.

We say, you’re meticulous.


Psst: if that’s you, you’re going to love the Practice Pad for finessing your creations.

Messy desk filled with T-shirt designs and scrap paper


They say, you’re a dreamer.

We say, you’re creative.


Psst: if that’s you, explore our Dot Grid Journals and Lined Journals for the space to bring your dreams to life

Writing 'Bucket List' in a lined journal


They say, you’re a workaholic.

We say, you’re ambitious.


Psst: if that’s you, check out the Power of 3 Goal Planner for the structure to make ambitious goals a reality.

Writing in a goal planner


You’re told so many stories every day. Because they’re the stories you hear, and the stories everyone else hears, the cycle just repeats itself (over and over). 


Until we rewrite the script and change the story!


✏️ If you could take your pen to these stereotypes, how would you rewrite the script?

  • You’ve just got to put up with a difficult job
  • Your job won’t be fun
  • You need to get used to the Sunday scaries
  • You shouldn’t take big risks
  • You must go to university
  • University isn’t for people like us
  • You’ve got to keep everyone happy
  • You’re creative or logical, you can’t be both
  • You’re too old to do that
  • You’re too young to know
  • Gaming’s just for kids
  • Hobbies are a waste of time
  • Rest isn’t productive


This is how stereotypes hold you back

Stereotypes hold you back because they stop you from being who you are. Instead of finding the path that’s right for you, you’re following the path that society’s set for you (sometimes without even realising it).


You stay in the job you hate. You tell yourself you’ll never be creative. You forget to take the time out to rest. You bottle up your emotions. You damage your mental health.


Yes, we could go on and on…


But perhaps worst of all, stereotypes stop you from figuring out who you want to be. Instead, you’re beholden to the stereotype and the prescription society gave you.


And you stay within its safe confines, with no risk of rocking the boat.

The impact on your mental health

Breaking stereotypes and rewriting the script isn’t easy. If we’re honest, you’re probably going to experience a whole host of frustrations along the way.


But not breaking stereotypes? That’s even harder


Because you’re left judging yourself. Not doing what you want. Not being your own person. And that has a seriously detrimental effect on yourmental health


We’re firm believers that when you’re not yourself, your self-esteem suffers. Because you’re constantly trying to be someone else. And the NHS connects low self-esteem with problems such as anxiety and depression, as well as unhealthy habits.


That’s not what we want for you.


It’s time to rewrite the script

Your life’s too valuable not to make it your own. It really is that simple.

When you rewrite the script, you take ownership. You put the onus back onto you. You’re the one in control. You get to say who you are, what defines you and what’s important to you.


Watch the video ✍🏼

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