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June 05, 2024

23 Bullet Journal Ideas for Students [for a Stress-Free Semester]

Yop & Tom

Being a student is  tough. You’ve got a lot on your plate - from studying to exams, coursework and so much writing. It’s intense!

But you’re doing great. And there are a few things out there that can make your life easier. That’s exactly why we created this epic list of bullet journal ideas for students like you. Whilst it’s not  quite a magic wand, it’s close.


This is where you get organised, dive into your study journal (with heaps of ideas) and build healthy learning habits. With easy and creative student bullet journal ideas to make it all possible. 


What do you need to start a study journal?

  1. A dot grid journal- dot grid journals are perfect for bullet journaling because they’re 100% flexible and designed to be used in a way that suits you and your studies. Our Contrast Collection is perfect for students, take a look right  here.

  2. A perfect pen - youcould fill your study journal with a standard black or blue pen. Or, you could choose something that’sfun and colourful to hold, bringing a little extra joy to those Monday morning classes… 

  3. Your study journal ideas - now you’ve got your equipment, you need the ideas to fill your bullet journal and bring it to life! Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty. Keep reading to get started.


Study journal and bullet journal ideas for students

About to start a new school year? Already midway through your studies? Whatever stage you’re at, you can use these bullet journal ideas to bring a little more calm and creativity into your student life. Whether you’re a bullet journaling newbie or a BuJo pro.

You’ll find plenty of ideas for all aspects of student life, from handling scary deadlines to making the most of your off time. It all starts with your study journal. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Create a goal-setting spread for your study journal

What do you want to achieve this school year? Studies have shown that  writing your goals down dramatically  increases your chances of achieving them.

In fact, a  Harvard study showed that the  3% of business graduates who had written down clear goals (and their plans to achieve them) were earning 10 times as much as the other 97% put together, only 10 years after their graduation. Now that’s impressive.

So dream big. And then write it down in your study journal. 


2. Save the quotes and inspiration that’ll keep you motivated to study inside your bullet journal


Setting goals is great. But student life can be challenging sometimes. There’s a lot to keep up with (and a lot of distractions to pull you off course).

So, make it easy to remember why you’re doing this in the first place! Get creative and design some motivational spreads in your bullet journal, to keep you going when studying gets tough.


3. Turn assignment deadlines into bullet journal checklists

No student wants to miss an assignment deadline, especially due to a case of forgetfulness.

Let’s wow your teachers instead. You can adapt the  bullet journaling method for student life and create a checklist for your big assignments. Then sleep easy, knowing you’ll never miss a deadline again.


4.  Make a student bullet journal study plan

Every school or college comes with its own timetable, but it’s up to you to make your own study schedule.

Make a bullet journal study plan to schedule your study time each term. Think about how you’ll fit extra reading, homework assignments and revision around your classes and lectures. Then, create a study plan that makes it easy for you to keep on track!


5. Keep your student to-do list in check inside your bullet journal

Need to buy more study materials? Got a book to return to the library? Looking for a lecturer to help you out?

Put all your to-dos in one place, inside your student bullet journal, with the ultimate  to-do list. That way, nothing slips through the cracks. You can plan your whole life in one place, from your study essentials to your extra-curricular activities. 


6.  Save your favourite study songs for an extra boost of motivation

Step inside Yop & Tom HQ and you’ll hear a mixture of house music and neo-soul. It’s what helps us focus, as we get our heads down and maximise our productivity.

But we know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Have some fun building your own playlists inside your student bullet journal, so that every study session can be both focused  and  fun.


7. Build a school morning routine to help you hit your study goals

A good start to the day can set you up for success later on, even if life gets a little busy. But a school morning routine can look totally different for everyone.

You might want to exercise, get outdoors, journal, read or prep your food for the day ahead. Whatever your morning routine looks like, try to make it  realistic. Remember, just because you’ve seen an impressive morning routine on social media doesn’t mean you have to replicate it!

Need to get all that mental chatter out of your head before you begin your day of studying? Give  Morning Pages a go. 

We love how  @dove.bujo has created a spread for her  ideal  school morning routine. Because if your morning routine doesn’t look like that every day? That’s 100% okay.


8. Create a sleep tracker to keep your energy up for your studies

The best thing you can do to make studying easier and increase your attention span in class is to  get enough sleep. It’s the oldest trick in the book and one we often forget in favour of more exciting new habits.

Use a sleep tracker in your student bullet journal to monitor how much sleep you’re getting. 

Noticing that you’re consistently not getting enough of those magic zzz? That could be a sign that it’s time to  check in with your mental wellbeing. 


9. Use a habit tracker to track your study habits in your student bullet journal

When you’re trying to build new study habits, a  habit tracker can help you feel an easy sense of accomplishment. Take a look at the most important (and more challenging) habits you’re trying to build, and create a habit tracker to help you get there.

Bonus: habit trackers are  perfect for bullet journals.

We love how  Yop & Tom Creator Saanvicreated a tracker to monitor both her study habits  and  her phone usage. Notice how when one goes down, the other goes up? That’s a great one to keep an eye on!


10. Create a mood tracker to look after your mental health at school

Just because you’re focusing on your studies doesn’t mean that you should forget about your mental health. Being a student can be an amazing experience. But it can also be a challenging one.

Create a  mood tracker inside your bullet journal and use it to monitor your mental health as you study. Think this is a waste of time? Think again. Your mood has a direct influence on how well you’re able to  motivate yourself and focus on your studies.

Take a look at what’s causing you to feel good (or bad) and learn how to control your triggers. And if it all gets too much, reach out and talk to a mental health professional. 


11. Use a bullet journal spread to remember your fellow students’ names

Isn’t awkward when you meet someone new and - 10 seconds later - you’ve totally forgotten their name? We’ve been there and done that more times than we care to admit…

It’s even  more  awkward when they’re a fellow student and you’re going to be spending the next few years studying together. 

Create a bullet journal spread for every subject or class you have, and use it to note down everyone’s names. You could even draw the class layout if you’re feeling extra creative!


12. Create a class timetable inside your student bullet journal

Your school or college will likely give you a class timetable, either online or on a piece of paper at the start of each term.

But your bullet journal is where you’ll keep everything in one place. And those little scraps of paper? They go missing. Far too often.

So, replicate that timetable inside your bullet journal. Besides, you can make it lookwaybetter.


13. Dream up fun ideas to do once school is out (because study journals aren’t just for learning)

Student life isn’t all about studying. There are adventures to be had, teams to be joined, friendships to be made…

Be sure to give yourself some “off-time”. Your life doesn’t have to be all about studying, 24/7 (not taking breaks can actually bebad for your productivity).

Use your student bullet journal to dream up fun ideas to look forward to each weekend or plan big adventures for when school’s out for the year. Where will you go?


14. Journal out your thoughts, worries and anxieties inside your bullet journal

Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts out of your head and down onto paper. Whether it’s stress about a school project or something more personal,  journaling can help quiet your mind and provide a much-needed sense of relief.


15. Create a meal plan (so you can focus on studying not cooking)

College and university are typically your first experience of living away from home cooking. So make it easy for yourself!

Plan out your meals in advance. So when you’ve finished a long studying session, you know exactly what you’re going to eat. No more staring into an empty fridge!


16. Create a book tracker inside your study journal

If you were surprised by the amount of extra reading you’re asked to do at university… you’re not alone.

There’s alot. But a  book tracker can make things easier! Use your student bullet journal to keep track of your TBR (to be read) pile and monitor your progress. 

It’ll feel so good when you look back at your tracker and see all that knowledge you’ve consumed.


17. Build a memory journal to make your student experience last longer

Your school years will go by in a flash. But the memories? Cheesy as it sounds, they can last forever.

When we interviewed  Jae for our  Creator of the Month, we were so inspired by her student memory journal idea. 

Jae uses her bullet journal to share life events, song recommendations and plans for the future with her college roommate. Even though they’re not living together anymore, they’re still very much in each other’s lives!

18. Take a break from studying, doodle and let your creativity run free

“With the stress I have from school, I find it hard to get time to draw or create some type of art often, and bullet journaling allows me to have some creativity and relaxation in my work-filled days.”@journalsbysav

Even though you’re using your bullet journal for studying, it doesn’t have to be all about school. You’re more than “just” a student. 

Use some space to create something outside of class. Make the most of the expectation-free space and let your creative mind wander!


19. Use your bullet journal to track your student budget

We all know that you don’t exactly feel flush when you’re in the midst of student life. But there are ways to make tracking your finances that little bit easier (and dare we say it, almost fun?!).

Imagine leaving college or university feeling confident that you’re able to stick to a budget, take care of your money and reach your financial goals. That’d be a pretty epic life lesson.

You can use your bullet journal to track your student budget with  financial journaling. Start by setting your student finance goals, tracking your income (or student loan) and monitoring your study expenses. Then, take it from there. 


20. Add some study-life balance

Just because you’re studying, have deadlines coming out of your ears and a to-do list overflowing with assignments, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break.

It probably means youneed a break.

You can use your study journal to add a little  study-life balance. Whether it’s tracking your energetic peaks and troughs, batching your tasks together or uncovering your productivity hacks. It all helps make student life a little more peaceful.


21. Build self-confidence with your student bullet journal

Being a student means stretching your mind and trying lots of things for the very first time. It’s only natural that you’re going to have a few self-confidence wobbles.

The good news is that your bullet journal can help you become a more confident student. Start by challenging your limiting beliefs. What’s making you doubt yourself? Where does this belief come from? Is it logical? And then take a look at ourself-confidence guide to dive a little deeper.


22. Review your student year with a year in review

You don’t need to keep your year in reviews for Christmas. You can  journal for self-reflection all year round.

When classes draw to a close (or even when a big assignment wraps up) take some time to sit back and reflect on how far you’ve come. Look at what worked, what didn’t and what would make your studying a little easier the next time around.


23. Plan out your job applications for when school is over

Remember those goals you set at the beginning of the school year? You can follow the same process for when class is over. 

Use your bullet journal to look back at what’s brought you the most joy over the year. Can any of those things be turned into a career, or even just a summer job?

Set yourself up for success with a new set of goals for life after graduation. And maybe treat yourself to a new bullet journal whilst you’re at it (it’s a new adventure, after all!).


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