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What's Next? How to Find Your Purpose in Life (7 Steps)

April 08, 2022

Feeling lost and out of sorts? This post is for you. Here’s 7 steps to find purpose in life (and cope with stress at work whilst you do it), according to professionals.
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How To Plan & Achieve Your Goals (With The Power Of 3 Method)

December 03, 2021

What if planning your goals could be as easy as one-two-three? It could be. This is the Power of 3, a science-based method that makes goal-setting easy.

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How To Be Consistent: 7 Steps To Get You Motivated Again

November 19, 2021

Get yourself back on track and keep on moving forwards towards your goals. This is how to be consistent, even if you’re struggling with motivation right now.
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How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals (3 Simple Steps)

July 25, 2021

Set realistic fitness goals and actually achieve them with this simple 3-step method that’s backed by scientific research. This is how you do it

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5 Steps To Successful Goal Setting [2021]

December 30, 2020

Even though many people make New Year’s goals and resolutions, not many people actually stick to them. At Yop & Tom, we have a 5 step goal setting method for success. 
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