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How To Journal In 2022: Stationery Trends For The Year Ahead

January 03, 2022

Wish you could see into the future? Now you can. We interviewed trends expert Sally Angharad Booth to get her predictions for stationery trends in 2022. 

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Priyanka wearing black dress

Behind the Scenes of Graduate School: Student Mental Health [Back to School]

September 19, 2021

How do you balance everything at graduate school? Grad student Priyanka tells us about her juggling act and shares her mental health tips for the new school year.

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How To Look After Your Mental Health At High School [Back to School]

How To Look After Your Mental Health At High School [Back to School]

September 17, 2021

Can bullet journaling help your mental health at high school? We sat down with bullet journaler and high school student Paloma to find out.
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Creator of the Month March '21 - Whoops It's Hannah

April 05, 2021

Meet Hannah, our creator of the month for March on how decorated spreads can keep you motivated, the benefits for both mental health and her studies to become a midwife.
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The Hidden Health Benefits of Journaling

July 03, 2020

Lee Chambers was in his late twenties when he lost the ability to walk after a severe illness. He had to learn how to walk again with an 18-month son and a pregnant wife at home. 
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