A hand holding a pen over a full page of writing in a journal

21 Types of Journaling (How to Find the Perfect Technique)

April 26, 2022

This is how you find the perfect type of journaling for you. Whether you’re creative, practical or even sceptical, we promise you’ll love this list.
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Open journal with weekly spread showing across double page

9 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas [You’ll Love These]

January 13, 2022

Looking for weekly spread ideas? You’re in the right place. Get your bullet journal ready to be filled, from bold aesthetic ideas to simple and minimalist.

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Image of green journal on desk with coffee, pens and plant

How To Do Morning Pages (+ Prompts To Reconnect With Your Creativity)

October 15, 2021

Get ready to feel more creative. Find out how to do Morning Pages, with journaling prompts to help you along the way. Better ideas are just around the corner.

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Close up of woman writing in open notebook with a pen

The Easy Bullet Journal Setup Guide - 3 Simple Steps to Turn You Into a Bullet Journaler

May 29, 2021

Start bullet journaling with this easy bullet journal setup guide.  In 3 simple steps you’ll be up and running.
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Weekly spread for may with cake doodles

Creator of the Month April '21 - Journals by Sav

May 24, 2021

Meet Saanvi, our creator of the month for April. Find out how she uses doodles to stay motivated and the benefits of bullet journaling during the pandemic.
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Typewriter typing out the word Goals

Ultimate Guide Series - 2. The Benefits of Bullet Journals

August 30, 2020

The second in our beginners guide blog series. This chapter explains the benefits of Bullet Journals.
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White coffee cup with black coffee on a wooden table

Ultimate Guide Series - 1. What is Bullet Journaling?

August 23, 2020

The first in our blog series of our guide to bullet journaling. In this edition we discuss the basics of What is Bullet Journaling?
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Front cover of the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Bullet Journaling by Yop & Tom

The Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling

July 26, 2020

Don't know your migration from your rapid logging? We've created the Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling to help you on your journey!
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