Scrabble tiles showing Done is Better Than Perfect on white background

How to Overcome Perfectionism

August 17, 2021

Perfectionism doesn’t have to hold you back anymore. Follow these 3 actionable steps and learn how to overcome perfectionism and your fear of “not getting it right”.
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Journal open showing March cover page with cactus theme

Creator of the Month March '21 - Whoops It's Hannah

April 05, 2021

Meet Hannah, our creator of the month for March on how decorated spreads can keep you motivated, the benefits for both mental health and her studies to become a midwife.
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Typewriter typing out the word Goals

Ultimate Guide Series - 2. The Benefits of Bullet Journals

August 30, 2020

The second in our beginners guide blog series. This chapter explains the benefits of Bullet Journals.
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The Hidden Health Benefits of Journaling

July 03, 2020

Lee Chambers was in his late twenties when he lost the ability to walk after a severe illness. He had to learn how to walk again with an 18-month son and a pregnant wife at home. 
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